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Our clients work every day to bring art, wonder and connection to their communities. At Blue Water, we work every day to shine a brighter light on their stories.

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Selby Gardens Site Visit

Sarasota, FL / FEBRUARY

DesignGroup Client Visit

Columbus, OH / MARCH

New York Media Tour

New York, NY / APRIL

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We work with museums, performing arts organizations, architecture firms and destinations on national and international media relations, communications planning, major exhibition/event promotion, media training and more.

Images are courtesy of our clients: Bromeliad from the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens; Peristyle Theatre at the Toledo Museum of Art; Exterior and artworks from Princeton University Art Museum.

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Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt opens January 31

Striking Power: Iconoclasm in Ancient Egypt opens January 31

Through thoughtful pairings of damaged works – from fragmented heads to altered inscriptions – with undamaged examples, Striking Power examines the patterns of damage inflicted on these sculptures for political, religious and criminal reasons in ancient times.

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