Posted: January 6, 2014

Toledo Museum of Art Recruiting New Class of Volunteer Docents

As a volunteer docent at the Toledo Museum of Art, Pamela Davis has devoted 34 years to bringing the arts to life for visitors on her gallery tours.
But according to Davis, those three decades weren’t given for free—they came with a different kind of “salary.”
“The payment I get is enrichment, socially and intellectually,” Davis said. “At the same time, I’m able to give back to my community.”
The Toledo Museum of Art is recruiting a new class of volunteer educators, known as docents, to join the ranks of more than 100 others. Docents enroll part-time in 18 months of training in art history, visual literacy and public speaking, with summers off. Upon graduation, they become an integral part of the Museum, leading nearly 50,000 people annually on tours of its collection and teaching visitors how to see better using the principles of visual literacy.
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